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    When Making Us Feel Smart and Happy May Move Us to Buy 

    That saying “familiarity breeds contempt” may be true. We tend to take loved ones for granted over time, no matter how well-intended. Yet it is equally true that familiarity breeds acceptance. Thus it is easier to stick a new idea in someone’s mind if you can attach it to something familiar – an existing memory. […]
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    Say it So They Remember and Believe It 

    Dusk settled coolly over the vineyards in Napa Valley, California, one fall evening. Through the window, we gazed wistfully at a thin stream of bittersweet chocolate sauce a waiter was ladling high over a raspberry-colored cake at the table of a hand-holding couple, inside the big stone restaurant operated by the Culinary Institute of America. I knew it was bittersweet chocolate because the rich smell was drifting through the French doors out onto the patio, where we were drinking a fine Cakebread cabernet next to two giggling toddlers, just as happily chewing red licorice twists from the local 7-11 store.…
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    Six Ways to Make Smarter Decisions By Not Getting Sidetracked 

    David Phillips was rushing up and down the supermarket aisles within seconds after seeing Healthy Choice’s “Early Bird Special.” He bought up all their 90-cent soups in the store. Then he raced over to a discount outlet to get all the brand’s 25-cent chocolate pudding cups. No time to pause. Phillips asked the store manager to order 60 more cases, and then requested the addresses of the chain’s other local outlets. The next weekend he and his mother-in-law to drove a van from Fresno to Davis, buying up all to the pudding cups in those stores. He and his wife…
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    Scale Your Capacity to Sway Others 

    This headline, “Exec loses job after allegedly slapping toddler on plane,” is an anger-evoking true story that spread quickly. Understanding why can help you spread your ideas, piggybacking on certain kinds of momentous events. “High arousal” negative emotions such as anger or anxiety spur us to share messages with others, discovered Wharton professor Jonah Berger, author of Contagious. So do certain high-arousal positive emotions: awe, excitement and amusement or humor. Susan Boyle’s unexpected singing performance, for example, evoked awe and 100 million views within nine days. Even years later, she inked a movie deal. Les Miserables’ movie producer Cameron Mackintosh…
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    The Upside Of Trump-Evoked Name-Calling 

    After Trump called Marco Rubio a “low life,” “nasty guy” and “choke artist,” Rubio sunk lower. Citing Trump, he said, “You know what they say about men with small hands.” And Trump called Cruz “a little baby: soft, weak, little baby.” Unfortunately negative and bad name-calling and labels are more contagiously shared than positive ones, as you have undoubtedly noticed in this immersive, warped and ongoing reality show called the presidential campaign. The Argument Culture is on the rise again. Consider seeing the nasty escalation of political attacks – and heated reactions by the pundits -and many of us —…
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