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    Six Ways to Make Smarter Decisions By Not Getting Sidetracked 

    David Phillips was rushing up and down the supermarket aisles within seconds after seeing Healthy Choice’s “Early Bird Special.” He bought up all their 90-cent soups in the store. Then he raced over to a discount outlet to get all the brand’s 25-cent chocolate pudding cups. No time to pause. Phillips asked the store manager to order 60 more cases, and then requested the addresses of the chain’s other local outlets. The next weekend he and his mother-in-law to drove a van from Fresno to Davis, buying up all to the pudding cups in those stores. He and his wife…
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    Four Traits for Becoming More Valued, Visible and Frequently Quoted Ally 

    As an employee one of the best ways to grow your personal brand is to strengthen relationships with your organization’s key stakeholders and unexpected outside allies. Here are four methods to enable you to become a valued ally: 1. To prove you can actually be helpful to a customer or other key stakeholder to the firm – and thus a valued ally – adopt the Triangle Talk approach to connecting with others: A. You B. Me C Us First address one of their specific needs or interests, then cite exactly how you can support that interest, and then ask if…
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    Seven Traits to Emulate to Become a Sought-After Ally 

    Apart from honing their top talents, guess what renowned surgeon, author and public health researcher, Atul Gawande and billionaire founder of Virgin Group, investor and philanthropist, Sir Richard Branson have in common? They have two vital and intertwined traits in this increasingly complex world where we are drowning in information. They’ve sharpened their ability to be quotable and to be deeply connected to notable people in worlds apart from the one in which they work. In so doing, they are likely to see trends early and be considered thought leaders on a broader stage, thus being able to attract more…
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    Honest Tea’s Unexpected Social Experiment: 5 Ways You, Too, Can Attract an Audience and Customers 

    As you’re walking down your city street you see an unmanned kiosk, stocked with bottles of tea. A sign invites you to “Take a bottle. Leave a dollar.”  What would you do? Would you pay for one, and be curious enough to stay and watch what others do?  Many did both. For ten days in August, one year, in this ingenious 30-city social experiment, Honest Tea was using the honor system to see which city had the most honest people. Cameras hidden across the street were covering the scenes that were then uploaded for live viewing globally. Ironically I heard about this…
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    Who Amongst Us Feels Powerful And How Can We Tell? 

    In a study I dub “Are you powerful or not?” guess what category you might fall into? At Northwestern and Stanford, here’s what happened. Two professors, Adam Galinsky, Professor of Ethics & Decision Management, Northwestern University and Joe Magee, of the Wagner Graduate School of Public Service at NYU, divided undergrads into two groups. One group was primed to feel powerful. They were asked to write about a situation in which they had authority over another individual. The members of the second group were set up to feel subordinate. They were asked to write about a situation in which they…
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