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    Seven Traits to Emulate to Become a Sought-After Ally 

    Apart from honing their top talents, guess what renowned surgeon, author and public health researcher, Atul Gawande and billionaire founder of Virgin Group, investor and philanthropist, Sir Richard Branson have in common? They have two vital and intertwined traits in this increasingly complex world where we are drowning in information. They’ve sharpened their ability to be quotable and to be deeply connected to notable people in worlds apart from the one in which they work. In so doing, they are likely to see trends early and be considered thought leaders on a broader stage, thus being able to attract more…
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    See Insults as Opportunities to Unify Others Around a Noble Option 

    During a stadium match, several spectators yelled racist insults down at the renowned, Brazilian footballer, Barcelona’s flying fullback, Dani Alves. Capping it off, an angry spectator who had been yelling epithets threw a banana down in front of Alves as he was walking back onto the field to play again. Without a pause, Alves picked up the banana, peeled it back, ate a bite, casually threw the peels aside to then stroll back into the game. That spontaneous, super short, two-act playlet was captured on hundreds of smart phones in the stadium, then rapidly spread around the world. “Dani Alves…
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    Spur Smarter Mutual Support Sooner 

    Research shows that Americans are most likely to trust and support someone who exhibits strong listening and inclusion skills. These traits matter even more than charisma. Those sought-after people – the major nodes on the invisible organizational chart that reflects the real centers of influence – are different than the leaders of just a decade ago. “Many ideas grow better when transplanted into another mind than in the one where they sprung up.” ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. In this Age of Engagement, the trait they are most likely to share is the capacity to speak to the sweet spot…
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    Your Surest Path to Greater Friendships and Success 

    I got this strange idea in eighth grade, nudged by my concerned father. To run for student body president is not a surprising decision for most outgoing, popular people. But I was neither. In fact I tended to daydream, read books that were not on the required list, and sit in the table at the far corner of the cafeteria with the only two friends I had, Denise and Janice. What unfolded within two months led me to discover the single best method to succeed (sometimes) in new endeavors. Perhaps more importantly, looking back, it enabled me to savor my…
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    6 Ways Citizens Can Make Their Town Even Better 

    While many of us are dispirited by the long running, warped reality show called the American presidential election, there are bright spots of innovative, good governance in many towns that can give us, as citizens, great hope. Here are six success stories that brightened my day, and that your city might want to adapt and adopt.  How Social Memes Spurred Support for Smoking Ban “The Tigard Youth Advisory Council devised a meme contest to increase awareness of a smoking ban and its impact on public health. Each time a meme was submitted and posted on social media, residents were reminded of…
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    Make Your Work With Others More Productive, Pleasurable and Meaningful 

    Clarify Your Values To Live Them More Fully – With Others Getting very specific about what most matters to you enables you to act more consistently, in keeping with your core values. That congruence can boost others’ trust in you according Shawn Murphy, co-founder of Switch and Shift. To identify your values take the quiz at The Center for Ethical Leadership and/or from What’sNext and/or from Online Personality Tests. Take “Tours of Duty” to Spark Talent-Building and Engagement Most any kind of organization can foster innovation, talent building and camaraderie by adopting the tour-of-duty approach used at LinkedIn and advocated…
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