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    April 17, 2020 

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    Image by Stephen Skinner

    Without access to health care or higher education and burdened by heavy college loans, people are practically caged within a system where the actualization of their potential becomes harder and harder to achieve.

    Chronic economic anxiety thus becomes a constant companion, as it was even before the pandemic for tens of millions of Americans.There, in the constriction of their opportunities, lies the constriction of the American economy.

    To speak of the economy as a separate entity that bestows its abundance on people rather than as the creativity of people sharing their abundance with the world, is the upside down thinking that makes our system so skewed and inevitably cruel.

    Even now, masters of the universe speak of re-opening the economy with almost bloodless lack of consideration for how many millions of people will be too financially devastated by then to vitally participate. the bubonic plague led to the end of serfdom; COVID-19 threatens to re-introduce it.

    If the political class does not stop underestimating the intelligence of the American people, recognizing that the barrenness of our system has now been revealed in all its heartlessness, they will be caught off guard by forces of chaos that then wash over American society like a tsunami in the wake of the pandemic.

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    April 17, 2020 

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    My friend Susan sent me this picture today. She said that in the midst of all the sadness her new granddaughter was born, and her peonies began to bloom a few days before Easter. I almost cried at the reminder. Children continue to be born, people continue to love each other, and flowers continue to bloom. In the midst of the pandemic, with all its grief and horror, it seems to me there’s an undeniable awakening occurring. In the silence, in the realizations, even in the tears, there are gifts of knowledge and wisdom and depth and understanding. When this ends, whenever it ends, the sky is going to be bluer and the light is going to sparkle more and we will emerge as a more grateful and more humble people. Some will be grieving for years to come and it will be our task to comfort them. But our greatest task will be to make sure that those who died did not die in vain; that what we learned from this pandemic was to do life differently, for our country and for the world.

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    Time to Choose Another Way 

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    April 14, 2020

    Since you’re at home anyway and might not have a lot to do, try this little mind exercise: spend five minutes imagining what our world would be like if Congress, the Senate and White House was made up mainly of authors, artists, teachers, healers, scientists, yogis and philosophers.

    Would things be any worse, and might they possibly even be better? How are we doin’ with the way we’re running things now? Is it possible for us to break the spell, to awaken from the delusional prejudice that a certain kind of business mentality is a better kind of leader?

    The pandemic is not a surprise to scientists, for instance, who have been warning us about this kind of thing for decades. Their words have gone largely unheeded by large portions of our political leadership. And why? Because they do not represent financial leverage – what they have to say does not increase short term corporate profits – and it is money, not wisdom, that runs Washington. (Until we get the money out of politics, such insanity will prevail). And it is not a surprise to philosophers either, who know that humanity’s recklessness and irresponsibility have paved the wicked path to this. It is a mindset that is killing us, a dense material fear-based worldview that has nothing to do with paving a sustainable, much less thriving path for humanity in the 21st-century. The origin of this virus, whatever it was, was an expression of irreverence toward people, animals or planet.

    It is time for us to choose another way. There is a veil in front of all our eyes, on the other side of which is a newborn world – one made fresh and sparkling (we’ve actually seeing images of it already) as we stop our acquiescence to the violence now perpetuated so casually upon it.

    It is time to ask ourselves, “Is that what we want?” If it is, some things are going to have to change. We must make other choices. We must choose life, and peace, and love.

    Yet there will be a lot of resistance to those choices, of that there is no reasonable doubt. Thus back to that imaginary government. For a different world, we’ll need a different kind of government. One of the people. By the people. For the people.

    What a thought…

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    April 12, 2020 

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    On the night before the crucifixion, all of the disciples were gathered around Jesus. As the hour got late they began to fall asleep. He said to them, “Can you not remain awake with me in the hour with my agony?” The disciples falling asleep was not only because of the lateness of the hour; it was because of the emotional pain of that moment and their wanting to escape it by going to sleep. And that has been us for centuries. “What you do to the least of these you do to me,” he said. And yet we have done horrible things to the least of these. We were asked not to go to sleep, and yet we did. We went to sleep with all manner of distraction, self-reference, and whatever other excuses we gave ourselves. And now we have no choice but to remain awake in the hour of his agony, because the hour of his agony is now ours as well. The answer is not to escape this mystery, to turn away from it, or to even think about trying to fall asleep. It isn’t possible anymore. The answer lies not in sleeping but in waking. The world is in agony, our collective crucifixion is upon us, yet resurrection is on the horizon even now…

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    Good Friday April 10, 2020 

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    Today is Good Friday, the day of the crucifixion (I know, I know, what a weird thing to call it). We acknowledge it as a way of recognizing darkness, naming its reality and bearing witness to the suffering it creates. 

    We do so however with the understanding that within the symbolic three days our suffering will end. There will be a period of grief, torment, and anguish, yes – yet that will be followed by a burst of light so extraordinary, so miraculous, that the mortal mind will bow before the supremacy of an otherworldly love. And in that moment the reign of darkness will cease, its spell having been broken by our joint realization that in the presence of God it has no power at all. Light having entered the darkness, the darkness shall be no more. The word “Hallelujah” then takes on meaning we never could have known before.

    Hallelujah. May it be so. At this, our moment of collective crucifixion, may the infinite mercy of God be upon us. May we dwell so deeply in the consciousness of Love that God Himself will close the gap and lift us high.

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    We Must Never Ever Ever Let Go 

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    April 9, 2020

    There are two political universes: The first is the parties, the pundits, the money, the polls, the debates, and the media. I call it the political/media industrial complex.

    The second is the American people, the voters, those who Jefferson referred to as “the only safe repository of power.”

    In ‘20 as in’16, the first ate the second one alive. One of the most important activities on earth has been reduced to a carnival show, overseen by unscrupulous people who couldn’t care less. I hope at least some of them are using this time to think about what they’ve done again.

    It’s so imperative to question what you’re told. If someone is referred to as a serious player, ask yourself why. And if they’re referred to as a joke, ask yourself why that as well. Do your own research. Recognize that many of those people make and break careers for fun.

    There are journalists with complete absence of ethics who are high on their ability to destroy someone. They practice the “politics of personal destruction” – and not just for fun. They do it in large part to further their own careers. They walk over bodies and consider it a good day.

    Meanwhile, there are millions of people who are desperately stuck – in jobs they hate, lacking healthcare, burdened by school loans, unable to participate in the American dream, and they show up to hear politicians with a sincere belief – eroded more and more by the bullshit that has come to be known as politics in this country – that maybe someone could actually help them.

    They are people who truly care about this country. All they want is a fair shot for themselves, their children and their planet. But they’ve been turned into pawns in a corporatized game, a cruel and manipulative process by which people are made to believe that what should be thought of as a joke is serious, and what should be thought of as serious should be seen as a joke.

    And where does that get us? Look all around you. The entire process of this campaign season was a canard. And I speak from experience. I was there. I was in the belly of the beast. I saw it, I touched it, I smelled it, I felt it. And in the words of Thomas Jefferson, “I tremble for my country.”

    But I’m not throwing my hands up in the air, and neither should you. This is our country. The dream of our ancestors. We must never ever ever let go.

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    War Profiteering in the Age of Corona 

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    April 7, 2020

    Most Americans would think that with doctors and nurses literally begging for protective gear and ventilators, our federal stockpile is used so we can get them what they need as soon as possible.

    But those Americans would be wrong. Why? Because the stockpile – even what’s left of it – is SOLD to the states, not given to anyone. I spoke to the CEO of a major hospital yesterday and she said that the second tsunami of despair will be financial.

    Hospitals are having to spend millions and millions of dollars to get the equipment they need‬, and states are literally bidding against each other for access to the equipment. This should be seen as war profiteering. The idea that the profit motive has anything to do with any of this, while doctors and nurses – many of them with children at home – are literally risking their lives to fight this war for us, is disgusting.

    This is the downside of unfettered capitalism, its shadow, the immoral and unethical obeisance to profit motive even when it runs against every moral consideration, every ounce of conscience within the human heart.

    We are seeing revealed the unconscionable tyranny of a political system so driven by slavish devotion to corporate profits that we the people can just drop dead for all it cares. This is why I called the system sociopathic during my presidential campaign. This is inhuman. It’s monstrous. And it is up to we the people to change it.

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    April 2, 2020 

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    It’s going to take a lot of forgiveness, positivity and compassion for those who do not agree with us, to make the kind of changes when all this is over that most need to be made. The drama on the other side of this is going to be huge. Much has been revealed about how American operates, and it isn’t pretty. We were completely unprepared for a virus that is essentially an attack on our people. Nor did our government function in a way that allowed us to prepare quickly. People are seeing how the current way of doing things in America protects the few at the expense of the many. This is not a reason for violent revolution. That very thought should bring a shudder to anyone. But we do need a moral revolution. In the words of John F Kennedy, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.” We need a revolution in values. We need a blazing cry for justice. We need an embrace of love so great that it extends beyond the personal and heals the entire world.

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    Blog: September 13, 2018 

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    Some of my most difficult experiences have led to my greatest growth. It wasn’t until I had to face serious challenges that I began a deep exploration of my inner life. Until then I was pretty blithe. Young. Charming. Foolish. With age comes the things that simply make you grow up. And that is how I see America now. From 9/11 yesterday to Hurricane Florence today to the ubiquitous toxicity of our current political environment and more, America has a heavy heart these days. But we will grow from this time. I don’t think we will ever again be quite as cocky a nation as we used to be, but that’s not really a bad thing. There comes a time, whether you’re an individual or a country, when it’s simply time to mature. To own your mistakes, to admit your own frailty, to humble yourself and try to be better in the future. When it’s pathetic not to. I know about those things because they have been a part of my life. But I realize they’re not the things that have destroyed me, they are the things that have saved me. And they are the things that will save America too. We will in time be so much greater as a country, when we admit the ways we’re not.

    Dear God,
    Please bless our country
    as we move move through
    this difficult time.
    Free us from the chains that bind us and deliver us to our better selves.
    Remind us of the things
    that truly make us great
    And show us how to embody them. Thank you, God.

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    Blog: September 9, 2018 

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    There are millions of people in America ready for a new conversation, a new vocabulary about American politics. The one we have now is rife with corruption. But it’s not just the financial corruption of our political system that’s a problem, it’s also the spiritual corruption in our hearts. We’re both outwardly and inwardly in trouble, and we have to address both if we’re going to rise up from the crisis into which we’ve descended.

    We’re a nation that has become more concerned with being rich than with being good, more concerned with getting more than with being more, more concerned with what happens on the outside than on what happens on the inside, and it is killing us.

    Human beings were created to love each other, not to hate each other; we were created as brothers and sisters, not as enemies; and we were created to be reverent, not to be too cool to care. Those issues are at the root of our humanity, and unless we water those roots then the plant will continue to wither no matter how much we water the leaves. A state of low-level anxiety now infuses the very air we breathe, so disconnected have we become from a sense of what’s really important and what we need to survive.

    Deep democratic and universal values have been handed down to us; it’s not that they’re absent from the ethers, they’re simply absent from our hearts today. And until we retrieve them, we will continue to spiral down. Love, not hate, make America great. Until we reclaim justice, and mercy, and brotherhood, and forgiveness, and charity, and compassion as the foundations of our humanity, then our political system will continue to reflect this spiritual corruption, the way it does now.

    We didn’t get off track because of Donald Trump; we got Donald Trump because we got off track. He is merely a reflection of the cravenness, the moral compromise, the legitimized whoredom that we had already allowed to corrupt our society. And that hyrdra has many heads. Just defeating Donald Trump will not fundamentally fix the problem; we must defeat it in our hearts. We must ask ourselves what democracy is, and why it matters. We must ask ourselves what it means to us personally, existentially, to consider that all people are created equal. To ask ourselves what it means that God gave all people the inalienable right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. To consider what it means that government was instituted among us to secure those rights. To resist the temptation to intellectual and emotional shallowness that define our popular culture today. To deepen. To mature. To stop playing victim all the time. To heal ourselves of the epidemic of immaturity, the chronic silliness that has us playing at life like children rather than tending to life as genuine, powerful, responsible men and women.

    We need reverence and devotion toward each other, toward the children of the world, and toward the planet itself. We need reconciliation with the God of our understanding, and radical forgiveness towards each other. We need to look at ourselves and ask how we can do better, devote ourselves to our country and to our children’s children, and rise up from the ashes of our self-pre-occupation. We need desperately to evolve from “me” to “we” now. Only then will our nation rise: when we rise first.

    America has gone off track, but it’s our job to self-correct it. Democracy gives us rights but it also gives us responsibilities, not just to receive the blessings of liberty but to tend to them in our time and bequeath them to our children.

    This is not about someone else. It’s about each of us. We, the people, are the only true guardians of democracy. We have a much purpose on this earth than just to “get what we want.” That has always been America’s greatness: that we stood for something higher, and strove for something higher.

    Until we retrieve that greatness, we will continue to go down. But as soon as we do retrieve it, we will begin to miraculously rise up again. First we need to purify our hearts; then and only then will we have the power to save our country.

    The post Blog: September 9, 2018 appeared first on Marianne Williamson.

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