The Difference Between Wanting to be Wanted, and Knowing What You Want

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In “the art of praising 42 year old women“, Justine Musk raises some interesting issues revolving around caring for/about other people. One issue she sidesteps, though, is appreciating the happiness of other people.

Some people say to “surround yourself with positive people” — I have many problems with this approach to interacting (or not interacting) with others. You would have to be living under a rock not to understand that the feelings other people have are related to how we behave ourselves — so perhaps the positivity / negativity of others is merely a reflection of who we ourselves are, how we behave, etc.

Justine also mentions the concepts “independence” and “interdependence”. I have never like these terms very much. Years ago, I made up the term “interreliance“, in order to emphasize how each person’s well-being sort of relies on the well-being of others.

In any case, check out Justine’s post — it also raises many issues I have not addressed here.